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The Superman is a sex position, where a guy has sexual intercourse with a girl, doggy style, and bends the girl forward while he reaches over her shoulders to plant his hands on the floor, supporting his weight, while his legs are sticking straight out. The posture has the man resembling a flying Superman.
The Superman position was out long before that Souljah boy garbage got everyone confused as to what it actually does mean to "Superman that ho".
by Wizard Toast October 03, 2010
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A woman, or even a man, who have nothing better to do than clip and collect coupons from SEVERAL copies of the same issue of the Sunday newspaper, the internet, magazines, and from other sources. This species of social menace will create and stall long lines of customers at the checkout counter, over petty disputes of even pettier, insignificant amounts of savings in their claims. They are a form of thief, in that they always try to get something for nothing, and almost always at someone else's expense. They rip coupons off of products on shelves and put them with the products they plan to "buy", and even switch sales signs from place to place, in an attempt to con the store out of charging him/her the full/true price of a product. They abuse and exploit store coupons and rewards and greedily horde every issue of a Sunday paper they can, leaving none for anyone else, and always solely for the coupons within. These subhuman weeds also ALWAYS visit their favorite store during times when the past week's sales ad overlaps the beginning of the new week's sales ad, in order to take advantage of both sales' deals. They also hold up lines with multiple transactions when in-store rewards programs allow for such exploitation. They usually carry a three ring binder or baseball card collector's binder full of coupons, complete with color-coded, labeled tabs, usually a few inches thick.
That coupon whore held up my line for over thirty minutes, fishing for her 75 cent off coupon in her three ring binder. After the addition of store and manufacturer coupons, the XBOX 360 console and the new Halo game only cost her sixty-five cents, which she paid for with a personal check. Oh, she also claimed that the other three transactions were for her cousins, mother, and neighbor and that's why she had four different store rewards membership cards... They were all on the same keychain...
by Wizard Toast September 19, 2010
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Synonymous with semen, sperm, or ejaculate.
The new Detroit Barbie doll comes complete with a skanky dress, stained with realistic gentlemen's relish.
by Wizard Toast October 03, 2010
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When a Mac owner realizes just how limited his intellect truly is for having a Mac when he is severely incapable of building his own PC, and feels envy toward his PC-owning friends.
Man, I've got a major case of PC envy because all of my smarter friends can pick and choose which parts are best for their respective needs and preferences, while all I have is a premade Mac from Best Buy that can't even run Windows CALCULATOR on its lowest settings. I'm such a sheep...
by Wizard Toast October 24, 2010
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A Stay At Home Bro is someone who sits on his butt at home, all day, either watching TV or playing video games, from the time he gets up from bed, until he feels like he's had his fill for the day, and goes to sleep. A Stay At Home Bro will take the occasional nap, a short break to see what food can be found in the kitchen, or even take a restroom break to pee out of boredom. Usually unemployed, and usually not one to go through full-time credit hour semesters in college, the Stay At Home Bro will often resort to mooching to meet life's daily needs, especially when it comes to who will buy him lunch or in more extreme cases, pay for his cable and/or internet bill.
I'm not paying the cable/internet bill this month. I'm not supporting the habits of a Stay At Home Bro.
by Wizard Toast October 02, 2010
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Permalust is the state of being horny ALL the time.
Example #1: Although Chris wants a girl's heart more than anything, he's doomed to an eternity of permalust and cannot look away from a perfect ass.

Example #2: Chris's new rock band is called "Permalust".
by Wizard Toast December 11, 2010
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When someone orders food that's shareable but meant for only that one person, moochers who want some part/portion for themselves call "secondary beneficiary" like one would call "shotgun" to claim a seat in a vehicle, when preparing for a ride. Roommates, friends, and family are notorious for such moochery.
Christine ordered a pizza for herself and tried to keep quiet about it. As soon as it arrived at her house, her little brother called secondary beneficiary.
by Wizard Toast October 03, 2010
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