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A collection of bigots who become louder and more intense with numbers. Their ignorance knows no bounds, but marry that to their bigotry and you may soon have a serious problem
It started with one guy and a comment about African-Americans. Then another guy chimed in with an off-color joke about lesbians. The third guy didn't like anybody of color but particularly if they were gay.

We were now well on our way to a lovely collection of Bignorami, or bignoramuses, if you will.
by Wildwood Flower December 13, 2009
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Somebody who is SO homophobic that he cannot see straight and who furthermore cannot stop thinking about gays. He is so repelled/attracted on the subject that it affects his phallus and causes it to rise while his fellows tend to think he is a horse's ass
I have a friend named Shane who constantly talks about the gay community. He is always putting down them and their lifestyle. He inserts the topic into any discussion about anything. I have decided that he is clearly a homoerectum.
by Wildwood Flower December 09, 2009
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Somebody who when discussing an event in the news such as a criminal case, decides that the punishment meted out is not enough.

While mostly ignorant of much of the story, the gnarb-gnasher leaps on the bandwagon to have them not just punished to the full extent of the law, but punished horribly. They get quite creative in saying what should be done to them. It's really scary when you get a lot of them together and they begin to sound like a lynch mob.
The gnarb-gnasher is talking about Tiger. He says, "Tiger Woods cheated on his wife. He should be taken out and horsewhipped and left in the countryside for the birds to pick his brains"

"Oh no," says the other gnarb-gnasher, "let's cut off his narbs and make him eat them. And then roll him down the hill and leave him for the cars to run over his bones!"
by Wildwood Flower December 05, 2009
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