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blowing in ,or giving a rasberry to, a girl's pussy when she gets off
i gave my chick a rasberry truffle last night... she loved it!!!
by WikiTichenor February 05, 2008

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The sweetest parkour/freerunning clan on earth!! Located out of shinnston, WV. Founders being Norman and Issaiah and quickly acqiring "Sensei Gary".. If you see a lime green S with an N on the inside, thats us.
Man I just saw some crazy dudes jump off of lumberport elementary! Wtf?

Oh dude! That was the Sidewalk Ninjas!
by WikiTichenor March 03, 2008

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The fate of the 2007 Lincoln Cougars football team.. whatever though, it's better than 18-1.
Everyone at lincoln: Damn, you guys sucked this year! You went 0-10!!

Football players: Fuck it, it's better than 18-1 and were going to the playoffs next year, bitches. Boo Patriots!
by WikiTichenor February 07, 2008

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