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A stand-alone all purpose answer to almost any question. Also a political stance, and a great way to finish off a sentence.
How are you? I'm Good nstuff.
How do you feel about Bush? nstuff.
What is your stance on the death of innocent masodonian alcave beavers? nstuff.
by Wizzard June 05, 2004
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Verbal method of denoting a closing parenthesis, whether reading aloud from a printed source or simply clarifying the punctuation of your own thoughts.
The sentence "The box weighs 2 kilograms (4.4 pounds)" may be read as:

"The box weights 2 kilograms, y' know, 4.4 pounds, n' stuff."
by Jose Jarrell August 30, 2005
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Literary devise paired with the object of the sentence preceeding it. Used to elaborate greatly on the general idea of a statement, commonly used to describe aspects of boating and/or outdoor education.
If you are caught driving your personal watercraft at speeds in excess of 27.3 miles per hour, the U.S. Coast Guard will take the vessel, the trailor it was towed on, as well as the vehicle you drove in, and then proceed to take your children, rape your wife, shoot your grandparents in the face with a semi-automatic weapon, and then burn your house down, with the rest of your family in it, and piss on the ashes, n' stuff
by dirty savage indian man January 29, 2004
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a suffix added to random words, normally used when someone is trying to indicate to you that they are experienced-n-stuff. Can be replaced by "or something of that sort.". Small indication of not-'care'ingness.
I was hit by a car-n-stuff. It was going at like 100mph-n-stuff.
by sj0r April 30, 2003
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