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King Crimson is a based person that most people don’t like because he can be yhhh uhhhhh uhhhhhhhhh.
King Crimson is uhhhhh uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.
by Whale Shark Is mentally okay October 18, 2021
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A type of grab done by Orca in the indie game Deeeep.io - eat fish, become the shark!
An s grab is a variation of triple grab, but with two reverse grabs at the start.
Person one: "Damn, did you see that unnamed Orca? They s grabbed me first try"
Person two: "They must be a pro"
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M grab is a variation of triple grab done by Orca that is composed of 3 reverse grabs.
Wtf did you see that guy? He just M grabbed me
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A term from the hit .io game Deeeep.io meaning a normal boost. Hitboost is a synonym of normal boost, or boost hit. A hitboost in almost all cases is a click boost, not a charged boost.
Person one: I don't like Tiger Shark. It can only hitboost.
Person two: I find it fun regardless.
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Someone from Australia who really likes Marlins
Woah mate, did you see that Marlin over there?
Yeah, okay, Ranpo
by Whale Shark Is mentally okay December 1, 2021
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