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1. A person who virtually forces you to join Twitter, although you know you would rather kill yourself.

2. A person who makes you follow annoying famous people on Twitter, such as Miley Cyrus or Ryan Seacrest, although they aren't even themselves, "they" are workers for the so-called "celebs."
1. God, Tim is such a Twittler! He actually expects me to use that giant piece of crap some call Twitter!

2. That Twittler makes me follow Miley Cyrus! Because everyone "loves" listening to what that redneck, thinks-she's-all-that Disney-Star has to rant on about.
by WezzaWezza June 17, 2009

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A contraction of the the words "or not." Used when observation is proved wrong within a couple seconds.
"It looks like we might actually beat the Bears in basketball!" Susan said when the Lions scored a basket with only 4 seconds left. "Orn't," she said glumly when the Bears shot a 3-pointer to win the game.
by WezzaWezza July 09, 2009

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1. A social group of people who dedicate their lives to music
2. Someone who thinks that he/she is a music god, but isn't (due to AC/DC's Angus Young acting like a young rockstar, even though he should be named "Angus Old).
1. Those Angus' over there should stop wasting time listening to music, and waste people on XBox Live!

2. Anyone who thinks he/she is cool cause they listen to the Jonas Brothers is an Angus.
by WezzaWezza June 01, 2009

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