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the embodiment of anything and everything that is good in this world; felse cannot be described by mere adjectives because it is too mirific for such archaic descriptions.

First used by Clyler Tark, the famous Native American poet, in his epic, Natura Physis which in greek and Latin put together means Nature Nature.
"This grand forest, greater than all else,
full of beauty, sanctity, and felse."-Clyler Tark in his work Natura Physis
by Wes Ton More O October 23, 2008

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wonderful or amazing,

used when in awe of something that lesser words such as the afformentioned (wonderful and amazing) cannot hope to describe
Wow amber, That pumpkin spice latte was wonderful, but it did not even compare to your mirific skills with phoam art!
by Wes Ton More O October 23, 2008

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used when one must go to one's work, but hates their work because of crappy pay, crappy hours, and crappy bosses.
Hey amber, When do you work?

Friday or saturday; Blech! I hate Forza!
by Wes Ton More O October 22, 2008

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