5 definitions by Weegee420

A man that is allowed to fuck some dude’s wife for the sake of cuckholding.
“I just had a vasectomy yesterday and when I woke up, my wife’s boyfriend surprised me with this!”
by Weegee420 December 15, 2019
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Blonde Boyz love the Cage.
Guy 1: Yo bro I loved that Nick Cage movie!
Guy 2: Dude are you blonde?
Guy 1: Yeah why?
Guy 2: Blonde Boyz love the Cage.
by Weegee420 October 24, 2019
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It basically means that you’re gonna cum really hard.
Oh, I’m gonna shoot! I’m gonna fucking shoot!
by Weegee420 October 12, 2019
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A weeabo who is both into anime and the Confederacy. They’re mostly located in the Southern United States, where the Confederate States once existed.
Weeb 1: “Hey man, are you gonna ask Jessica out to go to the next Anime convention?
Weeb 2: “I mean, she’s really, really nice, but she’s a dixie weeb. I don’t want to hang out with some racist.”
by Weegee420 September 26, 2021
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