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Peace ☮️ ✌🏽. Rappers been using this as slang for peace for years. Example, Travis Scott: I can’t even lie: “I can’t rock Benz I don’t do peace”, another example, Drake, 6God, during his tour with Drake vs Wayne (Find more about their beef hidden from the public for 8 years), dropped. BLACK BENZ ON THE ROAD BOY (on the road with Wayne), get Hurt boy, another MF don’t understand the concept of PUTTING MONEY FIRST BOY. Feel free to find out yourself about what the beef was over. Drake smashing Wayne’s chick and lying. This would be the second one. Beef is live as ever. The Weeknd used Mercedes on his recent album to let everyone know he peace up with the 6 and Drizzy. Also confirmed on War. Drake dropping Crip References left and right nobody seem to catch. And maybe research who the TENZ are to Drake. Mentioned in so many tracks but no one notice.
I can’t rock Benz I don’t do peace ☮️, tryina make some money do a movie. - Checkout Sicko Mode, this shit way too big Nike boys Jump out the coupe, shit is way too big GIMME THE LOOT - Biggie reference.
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The best is free to release, strike back.
It’s okay, we let the A1 Fly (Wayne free from Birdman Case)
Relocate Hop in the same G5
(Kendrick is Saying Wayne and KDot will Catch Drake)
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Rapper you are no longer working with or on the same side. Hidden from the public. Someone you want the public to think is a girl but an ex partner you secretly hate, compete with, and you are subliminally dissing. Rap media knows but are contractually obligated to lie to you.
Drake: I might charge my ex for a feature; while earlier saying no one appreciates Weezy more than me.
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