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Baksetball is a pronunciation of the word "basketball" by most African Americans. It is merely "Basketball" with the "S" and the "K" reversed. Akin to "Aks" (Ask), where the "S" is also reversed with the "K".
1. "They’re playing baksetball...We love that baksetball...

Now baksetball is my favorite sport
I like the way they dribble up and down the court" - Lil' Bow Wow in "Basketball"

2. "Aight nigga, now let's play some baksetball"
by Wayne P. Ulmer III August 12, 2006
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Hardcore. A british strain of language birthed this pronunciation of the word "Hardcore". A derision of the early U.K. rave slogan "Hardcore you know the score". It also became synonymus with the transition of the early 90's acid house and northern U.K oldschool breakbeat scene, as it transformed into Jungle or Drum & bass.
1. "That shit was Ardcore, you know the score."

2. "That last track sounded more ardcore, it had more riddims, horns, and breaks... it was mental."

3. "Ardcore junglism"
by Wayne P. Ulmer III July 15, 2006
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A form of post electronic Hip Hop that manifests itself in the form of clicks, cuts, bleeps, blips, vocal excisions, and throwback samples. A re-envisioning of hip hop with electronic ears. Blip Hop is simply a cross pollenation of IDM and HIP HOP. Predominately, IDM artists began to incorporate HIP HOP sensibilities into their music, and this is the result. It is unfortunate that Blip Hop is so closely associated with IDM because much of it's music could stand alone in the hip hop pantheon. Blip Hop was an unfortunate term used by music journalists to pigeonhole something that was actually quite new and exciting.
1. Prefuse 73 is the best example of Blip Hop
2. Push Button Objects is also a good example
3. Ko Wreck Technique is PBO and DJ Craze making Blip Hop
4. Alias is Blip Hop from Portland
5. Deadelus is Blip Hop from L.A.
by Wayne P. Ulmer III August 12, 2006
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