3 definitions by War

A sequel to a movie that retcon or ignore previous sequels from canon.
by War August 1, 2018
'You Gots' is short you got "something" whether it be the nerve, the balls, my meaning, to be kidding, etc.

When used as a question it means "Do you understand me?" We're going to meet at 7, you gots?
I can't believe you said that. Man, you gots!
by War February 20, 2004
To be downgraded while another is promoted especially if you started off together.

Named after the actor Peter Scolari, who started off with Tom Hanks in the tv show Bosom Buddies but faded into obscurity while Hanks rose to superstardom.
My girl dumped me for my brother, I got totally scolaried!
by War May 7, 2004