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A global scam which administers a test (charging in the range of 18$ to 30$) to see if you "qualify". It then proceeds to charge you a 52$ a year subscription charge. Multiply that times 50,000 members in America alone, I think you get the idea.
Whatever you do, don't let mensa trick you into taking their test.
by Waluut March 23, 2006
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Basically a laser gun, but it's more like a flash-light, and has a cool "Beeooorrrww" or "Wollawollawolla" sound effect. They're pretty sweet.
Space Jay pulled out his ray gun and shot the alien.
by Waluut May 27, 2006
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A used clothing store at the mall that plays techno music, perhaps to frighten potential customers. It's sort of like Goodwill, but the clothes are apparently much more valuable. Where the people who originally obtained these clothes got them from, I'm not sure, but they have an "Abercrombie & Fitch" label is stamped on them and a quick stoning sets them on their way.
An Abercrombie shirt typically has holes one would think would be caused by moths, but in actuality, they were caused by "popular bugs".
by Waluut June 01, 2006
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