12 definitions by Walker

by Walker October 25, 2004
Using a woman's period blood as lube for giving a hand job to a man.
Jack: Hey Kyle, guess what?
Kyle: What?
Jack: Tiffany gave me a bloody walker last night.
Kyle: Woah, man!
by Walker May 24, 2014
When a guy/girl continues to annoy you after you have friend zoned them multiple times, and you have to continue to let them know you are not interested.
Me: That girl is really starting to annoy that popular guy.
Person: Ya, he'e been fronzing her at least 10 times already.
by Walker May 14, 2014
A big tall dude with brownish blondish orangish hair.
"hey look there is that big tall dude with brownish blondish orangish hair!"

by Walker November 28, 2003
Very uncommon dog breed, originates in Australia. Small, short legged dog breed with wire-ish hair. Comes in blue tan, red, and sandy.
Person: Look at that cute little dog!
Me: Oh yes, thats an Australian terrier!
by Walker May 6, 2014
a large hairy log (poo) that will come to life and eat your children.
AHHGHG! a hairy turd! RUNN!
by Walker November 28, 2004
Tucking your cock and balls between your legs and mooning someone
RUN! its the hogback growler!!!
by Walker October 26, 2004