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A schloagine is an admirer of schloaginite's who wield schloa's which are very small swords.

For more details see Schloa and Schloaginite.
The poor man was ridiculed for wielding a schloa. That was before he found Mr. Smith's daughter who has always been quite the schloagine. She understands the schloanic art very well.
by WSama August 22, 2018

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A schloa is a very small sword. It is wielded by a schloaginite, and admired by schloagines.

Pronounced: 'sch' as in shoe, 'lo' as in lore, and 'a' as in ah.
Example A:
Do not fear. It is only a schloa.
by WSama August 22, 2018

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The word arscherve means poop or poo, shit or crap.

Derived from the German 'arsch' and English 'serve'.

Pronounced: 'ar' as in are, 'sch' as in shoe, and 'erve' as in serve.


Arschervy, Arschevinistic

Arschevinistic, Arschevinistically
Example A:
Oh that show was a pile of arscherve.

Example B:
The work on that script was so arschervy. Down right arschevinistic methods.

Example C:
I had never seen such arschevinistic directing in my life before.
Yeah, arschevinistically done alright.
by WSama August 21, 2018

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It is a term that shows affection. To be precise, though it's original form holds a different meaning, in urban usage it usually means that I'm going to kiss you. Of course it is mostly used as a figurative, but the situation in which it's used can unravel in face sucking.

The 'ama' is akin to the english "I'm gonna" , and the 'kis' is akin to the english 'kiss'.
Thus "ama kiss you" is an appropriate way to view the urban usage of 'kisama'.
Party A:

I got you that book you've been struggling to get your hands on. You were right, it sure wasn't easy to find, but here you go.

Party B:
by WSama August 12, 2018

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