14 definition by Vladimir

Agreement made before getting married. Will help in the divorce.
Thank god you were smart and got a pre-nup. Now you'll have a happy divorce.
by Vladimir January 24, 2004

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while performing fellatio, one holds a lighter to his/her partner's genitals
tom gave jill the arch duke singe and she dumped him
by vladimir February 23, 2004

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a queer who likes to penetrate male anus
the analyzer analyzer the other faggot
by vladimir April 17, 2004

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Drivers from the state of Utah
"You see that mofo?? he's going 90 in a 30, what a motard!"
by vladimir December 19, 2004

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The process of stealling items descrieetly from a store.
"I just got a copy of this game by Window Shopping. Didn't pay a dime"

"Yo, lets go window shopping. I'm broke"
by Vladimir December 03, 2004

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A phrase used to describe a person who has done something/said something rather idiotic without realising or meaning to.
Person 1: Oh crap, i locked myself out of the house
Person 2: You egg on legs!
by Vladimir January 14, 2005

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punishment for being stupid enough to marry the bitch.
You got married, now you'll be paying for the rest of your life in the divorce settlement. Too bad you didn't get a pre-nup
by Vladimir January 24, 2004

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