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Ironically, these definitions will probably all mysteriously disappear from the internet, should there come a day when society truly needs to understand what it is. How convenient...
Now that net neutrality is a thing of the past, all content on the internet is under the direct jurisdiction of the government...or the highest bidder
by Visari01 September 09, 2014

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An ideology, or system of beliefs, that prioritizes consumption and spending above all else. Most Americans practice this, while their credit lender encourage it.
Jane: Where did Stacy get those new shoes? And the purse? I thought she said her credit card was maxed out.
Jessica: Oh, it is. But she's consumptionist--you know, she believes in consumptionism...so she opened another credit card. I think that's her tenth one now.
by Visari01 August 12, 2014

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The act of invading someone's personal space in order to spy on their Facebook page.
You: Holy shit, will you quit hovering over my shoulder?
Obnoxious friend: Hang on, go back. Who is that chick?
You: That's my mom. Stop facespacing me, seriously.
by Visari01 August 17, 2013

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