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Derogatory term first used in the late 1980's describing those male drivers who drove slouched down in the driver's seat, leaning over with one arm on the console or armrest, barely able to see over the dash, and appearing to be seated in the middle of the car when viewed from behind. Most often was applied to a member of the black race, and often the driver was wearing a ballcap with the bill facing any which way but forward.
Leroy jumped into his Nissan, assumed the position of mean bro leanin, and headed to the club to find some booty.
by Vincent Trace May 13, 2008
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1. What a military service person becomes when they've re-enlisted so many times, and have spent so many years in the service, they no longer feel they would be safe or can make a life outside the military installation's fence. They also can no longer relate to civilian life-style or understand it anymore. 2. What a convicted criminal becomes when they've spent so many years behind bars away from life outside the prison walls.
1. After 8 years in, we knew our son had become institutionalized when he expressed he didn't want to get out because he felt military service was the only guarantee to a secure and stable future. 2. After spending 20 years in prison, Lazy Eyed Larry was paroled, but he had a hard time adjusting to life on the outside because he had become institutionalized.
by Vincent Trace May 13, 2008
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