3 definitions by Vap

the act of a female jumping up and down as her breasts jiggle
"Dammn sara was lap dancin on ma last nite, and did you see dem bouncin nipples!"
by Vap June 18, 2006
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play on fuck yo couch. but to either mean that someone did something stupid or as an added umph to a sarcastic remark/comeback.
yo mama so fat she's on *both* sides of the family! crack yo couch!
by Vap February 25, 2005
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A structure w/ a straw roof and stone-like- walls that Trogdor loves to BURNINATE
The peasants watched in horror as Trogdor burninated them and their thatched-roofed cottages.
by Vap January 26, 2005
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