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A sub set of the Crips gang formed in the 1990’s in Richmond, Kentucky
Aye Cuz this that Renegade Gangsta Crips Gang shit. You know how we roccin
by User2184930 September 4, 2020
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A generally nice city in Kentucky depending on what side of town you are on. Most of Richmond consist of nice suburban neighborhoods, except when you enter the Eastside of town. The Eastside is highly violent, drug infested, and gang infested and predominately African American. Areas such as Turpin Dr, Hill St, Elm St, E St, Orange St, Dillingham Heights, and The whole East Irvine Area should be avoided. Being present at these places could end in Death, or you being beaten, kidnapped, or robbed. Your chances of being part of a violent crime in Richmond is 1 in 125, Which is kind of high. Your chances of being part of a property crime is 1 in 25. Generally Richmond is a safe city but being at the wrong places could end very bad for you.
Friend: Have you been to Richmond KY?
Me: Yeah it’s nice and all but I drove through this neighborhood and saw these guys that looked suspicious, probably a drug deal.
by User2184930 February 11, 2019
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A clique associated with the Crips Gang, (primarily the Hoovers) formed in Richmond, Kentucky in the 1990’s
Person 1: Aye somebody got shot the other day.

Person 2: Probably them Kruks who did it
by User2184930 July 31, 2020
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A sub set of the Crips gang formed in Richmond, Kentucky.
I saw a member of the 6 Shoota Crips on East Irvine St with a blue bandana in his back left pocket.
by User2184930 July 30, 2020
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A neighborhood in Richmond, Kentucky built in the 1970’s, known for drug activity, gang activity and violence. This neighborhood is traditionally controlled by the Hoover Crips (or Hoover Criminals).
My friend got robbed yesterday on Turpin Drive
by User2184930 July 31, 2020
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