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The sexual practice in which you convince your girlfriend/wife/partner/whore to gargle on your baby gravy, then unexpectedly you uppercut her in the sternum screaming "SURPRISE" and avoiding the consequent rainbow of liquids.
Where's Katie?

In hospital with a punctured lung. Tyrone went a bit far when he Gargle Gargle Surprised her.
by UrbanBob June 07, 2010
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A rule Connecticut town.
You might be from Colebrook Connecticut if:

You roll coal by my house every morning and wake me up.

You have attend at least one bombfire in the past day or two.

You have seen little green elves one day when you were in the woods.

You have gotten so messed up on moonshine you couldn't attend the two hours that you go to school.

Got kicked out of mcdonalds because your truck was to loud so you had to hang at Dunkin instead.

Your dog is named after a peace of equipment.

If you own a landscaping business.

If your into fat chicks

You did wheel chair races down a hill one night you got bored.

If you know someone who is a Volunteer firefighter.
by Urbanbob May 25, 2012
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