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Making up with someone you gotten into a fight with.
My friends and I a had a huge fight about Toy Stories 4, but after awhile, we had decided to hug it out and kiss and make up, after realizing our mistakes.
by Urban Dictionary /user February 22, 2020

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Another form of saying "clean cut" or "clean-cut". It's actually is used to describe the style of something. In other words, a nice, neutral scheme of art, color, and look of something that is nice to the style. Since it is mistaken a lot by the form "clean cut", this can be used the same way, but instead, it is generally referred to how the style is lively, neutralistic as can be, vivid, and neat looking, instead of a nice, sharp, neat look.
I saw an image online that had quite a minimalistic, clean style look to it.
by Urban Dictionary /user February 16, 2020

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iconic -
A word used to show great approval over something. It is generally always used in modern media, especially scenes. When you say somethings is "iconic", you're saying it is the best out of anything else.

Prim examples: clips, scenes, hair, nails, shoes, albums, concerts, lipsticks, celebrities, magazines, etc.

Katy Perry's blonde hair is so ICONIC. It tots tray
by Urban Dictionary /user May 15, 2020

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A word you say when something is gross, revolting, disregarding of human life or value of something, and the intensity of acting on a unredeemable action. In terms, for TLTR readers, it is the revolting behavior of someone's actions or misguided message about cuteness. Other words for this would include: not cute, that's so not cute, etc.
Ssoyoung acting like she's the victim while hurting those poor sea creatures and torturing them while playing with her food before she kills them (or eats them alive) is so not cute. That shit ain't cute. That's not cute, you bitch.
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by Urban Dictionary /user June 05, 2020

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The idea of fantasizing about a certain revenge plot to a series or show. It is the idle message of the series or show, as well as the main focus. Hence, "revenge fantasy" for a reason.

Other meanings:

Revenge in a fictional world.

What everyone wants as their revenge story.

Story's main revenge plot for a series that derives on the topic of revenge and romanticizing a point of the story.

A plot or trope used to derive a story's premise, plot, and narrative.
American shows like Insatiable and 13 Reasons Why uses revenge fantasy as their premise of choice.
by Urban Dictionary /user May 17, 2020

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Found this in the Japanese drama series "14 Sai no Hana" and decided to make a definition on the term.

Night flight is a term used mostly for escape or a last minute run from danger, scandal, or drama.
Kylie Jenner had a night flight once she was called out for forgery and lying about being a billionaire. She immediately bought a home without any notice, even though the media and articles claim it was to "move in" because of quarantine. Hint: She once said she'd never move out from her neighborhood. Plus, she wanted to be close to her mother, Kris Jenner. -.- Yeah, something's not adding up, chief.
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by Urban Dictionary /user July 11, 2020

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