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1)the sound you make when you're mad at Ben L.
2) the sound Squidward makes when he coughes up a fork
3)the sound something makes when it catapults off your fork.
1)0h, Phwingy! Ben makes me so mad!!!
2)"phwingy!cough cough!hack haaaack!"
3)And with a light "phwingy" the pea flew across the room.
by UnoWho November 26, 2004

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hwo you feel when you wake up at 6 in the morning and have to go to school.
I feel really krunky this morning
by UnoWho November 19, 2004

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1. cute little dog
2. strange nickname from people i no- u no who u are!
my friend just got a new pet chiuaua
by unowho December 17, 2004

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A cow which deserves our reverence and respect. All hail the holy cow!!!
We now bow to the holy cow!
by UnoWho November 19, 2004

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Sorry people i spelt it rong
its actually spelt chihuahua
by unowho April 10, 2005

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