10 definitions by Undy Bumgrope

Rejectamenta is to reject someone or something. It is also another name for excretement.
Ha, look at that King of Haumoana, he's such a rejectamenta doofoid
by Undy Bumgrope July 7, 2004
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A person who likes to play country music and live in Gore, in the South Island of New Zealand. Often referred to as a doofoid.
Hey that guy climbing up that giant trout with his guitar is such a numbskull
by Undy Bumgrope July 7, 2004
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A guy who lurks around Canada looking for things to photograph
Hey Sofa, is that Fuzzy Nuts behind you, look he has a camera.
by Undy Bumgrope August 30, 2005
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To grab hold of the buttocks in a rough manner
Hey Bec - hold on tight, it's time for a bumgrope
by Undy Bumgrope July 8, 2005
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A term to describe something or someone that is really bad or lame
Man that Care Bear Movie was total cabbage
That Kenny G (in the key of G)is a real cabbage
by Undy Bumgrope June 22, 2004
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A doofoid is a doofus that has been cloned and mass produced as an army of numbskulls. A colony of them exist in Gore, in the south island of New Zealand.
Hey that Country Singer holding hands with that Newsboy is such a doofoid
by Undy Bumgrope July 7, 2004
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A sock that has run away from home or got lost in the wash and become feral. If you come across a sockodile or feral sock do not try to run or climb up a tree, sockodiles are fast runners and natural climbers
Crikey - look at the size of that Sockodile - you don't want to go rarking this baby up. The Sockodile Hunter
by Undy Bumgrope November 24, 2004
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