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A burning sensation felt in the stomach after drinking alot of strong or shitty alcohol. Can range from mild to overwhelmingly severe.

This condition is formally is called gastritis. Gastritis is an inflammation of the stomach.
The only thing you can do about gastritis is:
1) Vomit
2) Wait it out until your stomach next empties out which will be at around 20 minutes.

I'm also told that drinking more alcohol helps but thats probably bullshit.
Aww fuck, I shouldnt of drank that vodka and Mad Dog. Now I got firebelly. I better go lay down.
by Arm April 18, 2006
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End result of a womans stomach who has delivered a baby. Stretched out, wrinkled, folded in, flabby with a ton stretch marks. It looks as if her belly has been thrown in the fire and shrivled up.
After Sarah had her baby she wouldn't wear jeans because her fire belly would hang over.
by Cruznic April 15, 2008
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