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1)To be a person who always gets him/her-self tangled in complicated situations, and then has no idea how to get out, but luckily finds a way.

2)One who can take any comment or situation straight to the gutter; one who is gutter-minded

3)The last name of some pretty amazing girls, who are defintely worth the wait.
They are extremely good in bed and will love you if you let them

4) An amazing girl, who is very srtistic, forgiving, friendly, and creative. She is a wonderfully artist, and can draw brilliant pictures. She is also very talented in other fields; such as: Writing, Sports, and Friendship. No Matter what you do to this girl, she will always be there for you. Though, she can play some mean pranks, and can be mistaken for a "fat-chested liar", she is very kind hearted, and almost never lets you down. She is extremely humorous, and, if befriended, will create much esoterica.
1) You get caught with your pants down and say......shes a doctor!
then get away with it.
You just pulled a Daley.

2)Dude how could you possibly take that conversation to the gutter? You straight up pulled a daley on that one.

3)Dude, I'm so stoked i think this girl is daley.

4) This Daley kid is sure amazing.
by UberEpicAwesomeSauce December 23, 2008
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1) A female name derived from 'Amanda', it is also the female form of the male name 'Alan'.
2) A very nice individual who has some anger management issues, but is otherwise amazing. She is very intelligent, but is also a HUGE procrastinator. Once you get to know her she is one of the coolest people ever. Her, and her group of friends are known for their rather odd behavior. You will often find them gestrating while they speak; speaking in extremely abnormal voices; making sexual jokes; and using words like 'whilst', 'hither', 'thither', 'tis', and other such words. She makes the greatest best friend, despite all of her quirks. She is also in love with sweetarts
1) Hey Alanda, come here.
2) This Alanda girl is rather uber, I'm so glad that we're bff's.
by UberEpicAwesomeSauce December 24, 2008
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