4 definitions by TwoBrosOneCup

Someone who complains and cries about everything and anything in their life to whoever will listen.
I bumped into a bitch ass cry baby at the store. Took me 20 minutes longer just to grab some bananas.
by TwoBrosOneCup July 16, 2020
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A dumbass word people say when they don’t like what they hear.
Dr- “You may never be able to walk again”
Patient- “oof
Dr- throws up in mouth a little
by TwoBrosOneCup July 15, 2020
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A game invented in the Mid-90s by two brothers.

The game goes as followed:
-Both participants have to be in their underwear
-One participant then wraps themselves inside a blanket as tightly as they can
-The other participant then has to, by any means necessary, get them out of the blankets to give them a wedgie
Andre- “Yo Caesar I’m bored bro”
Caesar- “Wanna play Weenie Wedgie Man?”
Andre- “Fuck yea
by TwoBrosOneCup July 15, 2020
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