Ex-bassist of alternative metal band Kittie for the time period 1999-2002.

Currently works with fellow ex band mate Fallon Bowman in the industrial band Amphibious Assault.

Quoted reason for leaving Kittie, posted on her official message board:

"I would like to clear something up, the money wasn't an issue for me and that was not the reason for my departure, they replaced me before I even left. They gave me an ultimatum, to sign something I was unable to sign because it did not benefit me in the least and did not give me control over myself, they said to sign it or leave because they had already found someone new to play bass. And that right there was enough for me to decide on, if they could replace me that quickly without even talking to me then they obviously didn't want me there anyways. They can state whatever reasons they want for me leaving. They don't even know why because they never even called me to talk to me about it, they had Jeff call me to tell me the news, and I am sure it makes them look better if I am a "money grubbing whore" or so they have been saying." -TALENA ATFIELD
No example for Talena Atfield, it does not make sense!
by CruzDemon April 11, 2007
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Ex-bassist of Kittie who couldn't really play a good bassline to save her life.
Kittie kicked Talena Atfield out after they found out she sucked at bass.
by winefromyourtears June 19, 2005
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