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A unique name usually for pets with no specific meaning just sounds pretty. Typically for a dark colored dog with light eyes and a bubbly personality.
Person one: What are some good names for a dog?
Person two: Elcky! i saw it on Urban Dictionary the other day.
Person one: wow thats pretty!
by Trxen April 15, 2015
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A British/Australian electronica trio founded in London consisting of members Olly Alexander (Frontman singer voice of an angel), Emre Turkmen (Synth player) and Mikey Goldsworthy (Bassist).
Their music has been described as electropop, mixing R&B and '90s house elements, with Flying Lotus, Diplo, Radiohead and Jai Paul being their core influences. Each and every song is appealing in a different way and have I mentioned how incredible Olly Alexander's voice is? Its pretty incredible.
Person one- Have you heard Years and Years' new song 'King'? Its amazing!
Person two- Yes! my favourite is 'Real'! I have it playing all the time!
Person one- Their music is so majestic!
by Trxen April 14, 2015
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