Jai Paul's music has revolutionized electronic/future/indie/R&B music as we know it today. His song, BTSTU, influenced artists such as Flume etc. and Drake, G-Eazy and Beyonce have taken samples from this song. Jai's pretty elusive when it come to music releases, and he's pretty off the grid with the media. All in all, he's mysterious af and he produces fresh beats.
Did you hear Jai Paul is releasing a new album soon?
Yeah, well for Jai Paul, soon could mean anything in between the next 5-10 years...
by summerwolff99 June 21, 2016
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btstu only got as much attention as it did because of drake's song dreams money can buy.
(Before dreams money can buy.)

Guy 1:"Do you know Jai Paul!?"

Guy 2:''...no?"

(After dreams money can buy.)
Guy1:"Do you know Jai Paul!"

by yeeebaby May 23, 2011
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