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To have a massive ego bigger than any other.
Tris 1: I am the greatest person that was ever born, greatest person that will ever be born and sexy and funny in between lessons while having a greatness break from being so great.

Ego Maniac

Tris 2: (Bows) We are not worthy.
by tris penkal September 27, 2006

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Shortened verison of Shut The Fuck Up.
Oi, bitch STFU, You should STFU.
by tris penkal July 12, 2006

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A tog head is a person or persons with a tog in their head. A tog is a dumb cell.
Tris: James, you are a toghead.

James: WHAT!

by tris penkal November 02, 2006

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Meaning good, great, grand and wonderful.

But only used to comment on an electrical item.
Your PSP is burgage!
by Tris Penkal March 03, 2007

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Secn means good, great, grand, wonderful.

A compliment of an object not a person.
Wow, your TV is secn!
by Tris Penkal March 03, 2007

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A Hummercide is where you go on a murderous rampage in a hummer.
Tris: I just watched, on the news, a Hummercide on the freeway, 167 people were killed from the H3.
by Tris Penkal December 18, 2006

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Two smoking hot twin actresses who are cute and terribly rich. I still love them.
Tris: Will you two marry me?

Olsen 1: Sure.

Olsen 2: Sure.

Tris: Wahoo!

Tris just married Mary-Kate and Ashley.
by Tris Penkal October 23, 2006

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