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Typically a term used by Huntress killer mains who play the game: Dead by Daylight.

W Gamers apply to new or bad Dead by Daylight players who don't dodge hatchets or don't even make an attempt to loop any killer because they fear the killer so much that they would rather die than look behind them in a chase and make an attempt to evade.

You usually find these types of Gamers in matches at rank 20-15-10.
"That Nea, she was such a w gamer duuuuude!" "Stop holding w! Duck my hatchets bro!"
by TrapmanTTVBTW January 30, 2020
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Some untalented idiot who thinks he's funny and plays VRChat.
"That guy? Don't speak with him, that's the Trapman" "CAN YOU DO THE LOLI VOICE?!" "Another untalented Youtuber.."
by TrapmanTTVBTW January 30, 2020
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