41 definition by Tracy

WELL me and my friend billy thought that duck hunt was the best nintendo game in the World yeahh u say the word 3times fast yeahh exactly da cunt! well that the word Make it happen!
dunk hunt dunk hunt da hunt da cunt DA CUNT!
by TRACY February 07, 2004

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The act of having an orgasm when looking at someone or something they really want to bang.
Tracy had a full joygasm when she looked at Jimmy Fallon touching his hair and making funny faces.
by Tracy February 10, 2004

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Neeky is basically the same as neek but u would use it in past tense
Example 1
Tim:Jon was been neeky 2day
Tracy: Is it

Example 2
Tracy: Y b neeky 4 alice.
by Tracy August 17, 2004

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someone who is on the verge of being an asshole, but otherwise is normally ok.
Hey, that's my beer. Easy stig, get your filthy hands off of it.
by tracy September 15, 2004

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wack, played out; boring
Man...this party's hella JD
by Tracy December 13, 2003

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beatiful baby Ginger
sweet chinese ginger
by tracy November 28, 2003

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adj. Cas' (pronounced caj)

1) a synonym for cool

- This party is cas'
- Don't worry about it, It's cas'
by Tracy July 07, 2003

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