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A great amount of.
James: My dog ate a bastard load of apples and now has really crook guts.

Cam: Fuck mate, your dog must be as fat as a seal.
by Towball April 29, 2009
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A term used in mild exasperation at someone else's nagging, poor attempt at something, not doing the decent thing by another person, being disorganised, being lazy, making poor choices or letting shit get out of control.

It can also be used in a more positive way to encourage a friend to reach for the stars.
Nagging example:
Wife: I thought I told you to put the bins out!! Why haven't you done it!
Husband: Ahhh...come on mate...settle down, it will get done.
Wife: I am not your fucken mate!

Poor attempt example:
Charlie: I forgot to order the concrete we need for the pour tomorrow morning....I was too busy playing Words with Friends on my phone man.
Tom: Fuck! Come on mate!!

Being lazy example:
Ivan: I think we'll just have tuna on toast for dinner tonight.
Wendy: Come on mate! What is all this about? I thought we were going to have a romantic night in and you were going to cook Mozzarella with Creme Fraiche and Figs.

Being disorganised example:
Cam: Oh...I can't go for a run today because I forgot my towel, my shoes and a spare pair of jocks.
Leigh: Come on mate! Get yourself sorted!

Making poor choices example:
Evan: I fucken sunk 40 pots and 20 jimmies over the weekend and now I am too rooted to go to my 4 year old daughters fairy party.
John: Faaark...come on mate!

Letting shit get out of control example:
Annie: I loaned my ex another $3,000 so he could travel to Europe. He now owes me $20,000 but I don't think he can pay me back until he gets a steady job.
Karly: Oh no, Annie...come on mate!

Positive encouragement example:
Olga: Let the espresso martini challenge begin!
Melissa: We are sooo doing this, espresso martinis are flippin' delicious!
Olga: Come on mate...let's get off the fucken island and go.
Melissa: Come on maaaate! OTP, OTP, OTP...
by Towball August 31, 2014
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A place of work that self-generates a delusional belief that it contributes much more to benefit the society at large than what it actually does. In fact, the company’s delusion can be so grand in some instances, that it actually believes it defines society through it’s own warped lens of the world!

These beliefs are perpetually broadcast to workers through a relentless stream of propaganda communications.

The Island has it’s own special language that one must learn and speak, yet this language has no meaning outside of the confines of the company. It also has invisible geographic boundaries where, once crossed, workers will change their behaviour and demeanour.

Its workers must be prepared to modify their sense of self to comply with company culture. Workers also get measured routinely on their beliefs, thoughts and values to ensure it meets the political idealism of the company - which is usually to preserve the wealth and status of the upper class, suppress and control middle classes and provide unreachable dreams and hope for lower class citizens.

Workers that are not compliant with their beliefs and thoughts are quickly marginalised and chastised by management and often labeled as a ‘bad egg’, or even by quasi-psychological management terms such as ‘rebellious child’. Most workers, however, passively comply and will shuffle along each week and perform their duties like clockwork. They then wonder, many years later, why they feel something is missing from their soul.

John: I saw a webcast today that our company has worked out the trap all of the worlds fresh drinkable water and control its flow across the world. Those poor farmers going through drought won’t suffer anymore. Isn’t that amazing?

Jenny: No…it’s not John…it’s fucken disgusting…it’s the evil work of the Island…are you fucken stupid mate!
by Towball August 31, 2014
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