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Getting a blowjob while taking a shit in a hollowed out pumpkin, preferably carved with a nice silly face, after you have enjoyed a seasonal pumpkin spice latte from your favorite, West Coast Seattle based coffee shop.
Jenna says she won't give me another blumpkin spice. Last time the pumpkin cracked under my ass and she got a face full of pumpkin spice diarrhea and ended up puking all over my junk ... and then her parents walked in.
by Tony "Tone" Booyah November 04, 2009

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When a male tucks the head of his penis in his asshole and squeezes his anus to hold it there while walking around.

A technique usually found in use by transvestites attempting to hide their gender while stripping.
I was getting the best lap dance from this stripper until her asshole tuck gave way.
by Tony "Tone" Booyah June 05, 2009

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When you blow a load in a chick on a playground merry-go-round, then jump off and spin the merry-go-round so fast that your cum flies out of her pussy.
Let me borrow those sparklers so I can tape them to the merry-go-round to make this cumtrifuge I'm giving Kim more festive.

While having a little get together at the playground down the street, my buddy found out I gave his girlfriend a cumtrifuge when he got hit in the face with my cum.
by Tony "Tone" Booyah July 24, 2009

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In Swinging, the Three Quarters Swap is sex between two couples, where one woman may only have sex with her husband or the other female, but not the other male. So a man can have sex with his wife and the other woman, the other woman and the other male, or the other woman, but his wife may not have sex with the other male.
Hey baby, we're going swinging tonight, but we're only going to do a Three Quarter Swap. I don't want you messing around with any guys besides me!
by Tony "Tone" Booyah March 31, 2011

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A girl with just a little bush. The bush is expected to be clean and maintained ... a little turf on the field. Reminiscent of when a girls pubs have grown in for the first time and has never been molested by the shaver.

Specifically, the word is used to refer to a young girl, late junior high school through high school, that is expected to have or has a bush as described above. The use of squirrel is considered already pluralized when referring to a pack of girls.
Jenni's totally a squirrel, time to give her my nuts.

Tony "Tone": Yo, Ron, you think she a squirrel?
Ron: Yea man, she wearing yoga pants. You can see the squirrel right up front.

Wooderson: That's why I love dem squirrel's. I get older, they stay the same age.

Timmy: Mommy, what's a squirrel?
Mommy: Here Timmy take a look.
by Tony "Tone" Booyah May 12, 2011

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