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Absolutely the worst place in the world! This is a city where the citizens bitch about high taxes, but yet vote in tax levys such as the zoo, TARTA, and metroparks. Oh yeah, they also keep voting in the same politicians who cut city services while raising taxes. Not to mention the politicians are fucking morons. The defeatocrat party has tight reigns on the city for the last 50 years. Yet 75,000jobs and well over 100,000 people left the city, yet somehow they keep getting reelected. If you ever live in Toledo, please do not send your child to public schools there. The schools are only slightly better than Detroit's and the school board constantly asks voters for more taxes, which the dumbasses of Toledo give them. Yet most of the kids in these schools can't graduate. Toledo has been called a wonderful place to raise a family by a lot of its citizens. Why not, its has everything a family needs. Vacant homes, strip clubs, old factories, bad schools, crumbling infrastructure, "smart politicians", and plenty of drug dealers. NOTE: should you ever go to the east side of Toledo BEWARE! Not only are the entire neighborhoods rotting, but there are gangs, drug dealers, and prostitutes. There is also a huge Sun Oil plant right in the middle of the east side area. Thus, between the drugs and inbreeding east siders do, combined with the oil refinery, east siders look worse than something out of deliverance. But some east siders think its a great place to live in Toledo. About the only good thing to do in all of Toledo: PACK UP AND GET THE FUCK OUT!!!!!
Guy 1: I am from Toledo!

Guy 2: Oh! I am so sorry!
by Toledo Guy July 26, 2008
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1. Senator from MASS.
2. Murder
3. Reason why MASS should not have a Senator
4. Back stabbing piece of shit! Ask Bill Clinton.
5. One of the world's worst drivers.
6. Good swimmer
Liberal: Ted Kennedy was voted one of the nicest senators!

Conservative: I know, I hear he is so nice he loves to give staffers rides home after parties.
by Toledo Guy July 26, 2008
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Some fake, fraud, phony and ultimately loser that the defeatocrats ran for president. He joins the likes of other phonies, fakes, frauds, and losers such as Hubert Humphrey, George McGovern, jimmy Carter, Walter Mondale, Michael Dukakis, and Al Gore. Also has a cunt that he calls his wife.
Conservative: Did you know that most of the men John Kerry served with in Vietnam do not like him!

Liberal Douche Bag: You're a fascist!
by Toledo Guy July 27, 2008
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What asswipe, idiot, ignorant, stupid fucking liberals are calling themselves these days. This is because the neo-cons have destroyed the name liberal. Tag someone with the word liberal these days, they are about as widely received as a child molester. These anti-American dipshipts are just really liberals who keep pushing their bullshit agenda such as: killing babies, protecting terrorists and child molestors, taking guns away from law abiding citizens but allowing gangs and crack dealers to have guns, giving more money to low life welfare mothers who have 9 kids from 8 different fathers.
Progressive: Ted Kennedy is the greatest human being alive! And he is a leader for progressives!

Conservative: Didn't he kill that one girl?

Progressive: You are Fascist!
by Toledo Guy July 26, 2008
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