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Dwight's (from The Office) work area where he combined three desks to make one mega desk. Each computer has it's own task, one for sales, gaming, and the third for misellaneous office criteria.

Dwight made the desk during the time Jim and Pam had their child. He coneived the desk by pushing them together in the pattern of a U shape. When Jim came back, mega desk was disassembled and never fully brought back.
Jim, just 5 more minutes with mega desk, please.
by Tokisaur March 24, 2010

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An Excuse to add a D option to a Multiple Choice Test.
Timmy: Hey dude, What'd you put for number 7?

Jack: All of the Above man, It's the only logical one!

Timmy: Good thinking.
by Tokisaur December 01, 2009

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You're password is the word password.
Intern from Micheal Scott at Dunder Mifflin: "The only thing I learned here was that half the people in this office have their password as password. A password password."
by Tokisaur November 30, 2009

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A scientific failure, named after Toki Wartooth, that experimental scientists had been working on at Dethklok HQ. The Tokisaurus was meant to be a Tyrannasaurus Rex for a Dethklok concert, but during the manufacturing stage, a stran of Toki Wartooth's hair fell into the DNA. The Tokisaurus was immediatley killed after several pictures were taken of it. The autopsy contained scientific information that has been withheld from the public by Dethklok. It's remains are buried at Dethklok Cemetery.
I bought a Tokisaurus collectible at that Dethklok concert
by Tokisaur November 11, 2009

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Drawings of yoruself (mainly done in Disney theme parks) that are cartoonish. They end up looking much better than you actually are.

Charicatures are also perscribed to fat people to make them feel better about themselves for when they die alone in a four house apartment.
John: Dad, can you buy me a charicature since we're in Disney?

Rodney: Well son, I don't know about that, because those things freak me the fuck out.
by Tokisaur December 01, 2009

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