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Take a warm cupcake (store-bought is fine, too, just microwave it). Cut it in half and stick your hard dick in between the two pieces. Then squeeze and stroke until you cum.
Last night, My parents went out so I cream caked
by Tok Kim April 17, 2004
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it is when a women dies from suffurcating on dry sperm stuck in her throat
Last night, I almost made your mom cumasufficate
by Tok Kim March 31, 2004
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It is when a man's penis gets a burn on it because the women's Twat is so hairy and nappy(mostly found on black women)
Damn, that bitch gave me carpet burn last night
by Tok Kim April 01, 2004
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It is when the hand comes into contact with a very sad boy's penis and makes the sound smack and the boy makes the yelp and falls over and cries to his mommy.
today at gym, I have Buddy this hard silver fox and he fell over crying.
by Tok Kim April 01, 2004
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