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Aylah is the sweetest person you will meet, she has the most beautiful smile and makes everyone around her Feel loved, aylah is my best friend and I miss her very much, I love aylah -Trenton/Leroy/Larue❤️
Aylah is a beautiful young lady and I would spend the rest of my life with her
by Tlarue@lake-city.k12.mn.us June 04, 2020

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A giant that has all the chicks and is rich.
Yes he Trenton Larue is so sexy
by Tlarue@lake-city.k12.mn.us December 08, 2018

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A man that could get any girl he wants but only if this is name is Trenton LeRoy LaRue.
Trenton is an awesome man
by Tlarue@lake-city.k12.mn.us February 21, 2018

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A stupid little bitch with a small ass dick that will never find a girlfriend because he is a lonely gay bitch and he loves to lick cat asses
Paxton is a fucking weirdo
by Tlarue@lake-city.k12.mn.us July 22, 2020

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