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What some might define as an 'alter ego' except for the fact that the person is aware of the change between their usual and abnormal selves.
When someone is trying to impress a certain group of people, they may snap out their falter ego and put on a show to make those people think they're cool by their standards, when really they're just posing.
Gill: "Oh my gosh, I heard you and Bob broke up!"
Jen: "Yeah, he had a falter ego."
Gill: "Pardon me?"
Jen: "He'd act one way around me and my friends so that we'd like him, but then become his true self around all his buddies. I didn't like the real him, and the fact that he tried to hide it with a falter ego is worse."
Gill: "Well, good for you!"
by Thoor Tayret June 06, 2009
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Rule 413 is: Everything is Homestuck.

All of the things.
All of them.
Alpha: I saw these really cool things the other day, they came in all sorts of colours, and they-
Alpha: What's wrong?
Beta: Rule 413..!!!!
Alpha: Oh, sorry, I didn't mean to trigger you!
Beta: My feels..!
by Thoor Tayret March 22, 2013
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A three-sided, four-legged crab-like creature inhabiting the land mass of Ahnonay (sphere one), as created by Grand Master Kadish.

The Quabs are adorable and fun to poke fun at when you first arrive, but you will soon find it of the utmost importance to get them to leave you alone.

Quabs perish in water and will avoid it at all costs unless corralled hurriedly into it.
I linked in and there was a Quab RIGHT UNDER ME!!! It ran away but didn't go into the water, so I chased it in, but got pulled under the waterfall and sucked into the vortex under the radar.
by Thoor Tayret January 26, 2011
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Literally: I Pwn U
Meaning that the one who says it is pointing out that they are better than the other.
Fred: 2+2=5!
Ted: 2+2=4! IPU!
by Thoor Tayret September 20, 2009
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Derived from Cock (male genitalia) and Tail (referring to females) and the general meaning of mixing when the word cocktail is involved.

1) CockTail being a male and a female couple. They can be romantically involved, or sexually, or both.
Though usually having a purely sexual meaning, the two can be in a platonic relationship.

2) Can also refer to one person's significant other.

In either of these situations, it can be labelled 'drinking' one's cocktail.
1) Dude, my brother's in a cocktail. They're so loud!
1) Dude, my brother drinks a cocktail now, they're so loud!

2) Suzy was talking to her cocktail yesterday and didn't even wave when she passed me!
2) Suzy was drinking her cocktail yesterday and didn't even wave when she passed me!
by Thoor Tayret February 23, 2011
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