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The Tuesday of every week whereby participants are gathered to destroy the personal property of others in a humorous manner, inconvenience complete strangers, or execute needlessly elaborate pranks to confuse, destroy, or cause uncomfortable situations for all involved.
This Holiday was developed in the Spring of 2001 when Sir Thomas of Craven the Destroyer, and The Czar Mikhail of Mt. Shikkoluk set fire to the roads in their town.
The first activity of every meeting is to destroy all mailboxes available with ceremonial bat or explosive device. Afterwards rejoicing and more Rukkas takes place. Preparations are frowned upon.

Rule # 1 is never go back unless absolutely necessary, or the next day.

If Rukkas Tuesday is celebrated during a week when Bulk pickup is occuring, full advantage should be taken. If Bulk pickup occurs every week in your town, you have no excuse.

Other practices are encouraged but not limited to:
-Paint on cars
-Poop on cars
-Soccer games in restaurants
-Backyard lawn jobs
-Car slalom

Be sure to have your favorite CD of remixed video game or cartoon theme songs on hand.

When the bag pop and air.
"You do not talk about Rukkas Tuesday."
by Thomas Ferriter July 26, 2006

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A term created for a maneuver implemented in the mini-game "Odd One Out" in the smash hit Icelandic video game Fuzion Frenzy in which the player passes off the bomb to another player precisely before time runs out causing that player to explode and lose. This move causes much frustration and occasionally anger in the "pummelchooked" player, due to the last minute "screw-over" by the opposition. "Pumblechook" is directly derived from, but in no way related to, "Uncle PumbleChuck" from Charles Dickens' Great Expectations.
"Did you see him get pummelchooked right before the time ran out? Damnnnn..."
by Thomas Ferriter July 26, 2006

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