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The hybrid-being who in essence represents absolute, complete, and undying hilarity. In physical shape, it can be described only as a gelatinous monstrosity wielding not the physical construct that is a body, but rather the characteristics of a cross-breed between the exclamation of 'rofl' and a dinosaur.

See rofl
See dinosaur
During yesterday's regular observation of surroundings, I endeavoured to proceed to terraform the landscape that is my property's front lawn... but lo! A roflsaurus interrupted my labours and struck hilarity into my heart and soul!
by Theodorus March 28, 2004
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Synonym to nub, only much l33ter.
You are a stupid nublette!
by Theodorus February 11, 2004
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The general state of well-being, generally associated with the presence of human emotions possessing generally happy, optomistic qualities. Wellness can be found often in those that are morally straight, giving, rich, and other people who can be assumed due to the previous description.
One might wonder, "How are the rich assocated with wellness?" Well, to answer your question which would most likely not be asked in so many words, it was a joke intended to be put down here in the italics text which it seems you are reading currently, the idea being to make the reader laugh, although it seems this attempt has failed miserably.
by Theodorus April 28, 2004
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Gmo is ultimately the reverse spelling of the abbreviation, "O.M.G." which holds the representation of the words, "Oh my God," however due to the frequently visited quality of laziness associated with typing within the surreal boundaries that create the internet, O.M.G. is often stated as "OMG," the case being either capital or lowercase. Thus "gmo" should be referring to the phrase, "God my oh," whose meaning is not associated in any way with this definition, and therefore shall all questions pertaining to such as the meaning behind these words be ignored.
GmoOwnzU's above definition lacks purpose in being, for it is completely irrelevent to all possible associations with life, the world around us, and any worlds that may lie within our beyond ours. Due internet pseudonym being the object of supposed talent in the above definition, I shall thus exclaim that Theodorus is greater than all, his mere existence being a bolster to every community throughout the world, thus promoting well-being, humanity, and all other items which can be associated with wellness, goodness, and any other word that has at least one positive meaning (all words with negetive meanings are excluded from Theodorus's description).
by Theodorus April 28, 2004
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