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odd, weird, out of the norm, creepy, mysterious, outlandish, ridiculous, and unusual; something seen as being in "the hands of fate." As made popular by MST3K.
"The other day, on a whim, my friends and I decided to kill a goat. We used a rock and it took eight tries. It sounded fun at first, but turned out to be manos."

by Thel200ster March 18, 2007

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noun. A person of glass-half-full mentality who feels compelled to whistle in public areas such as elevators, shopping malls, university campuses, office buildings, trains, etc. Usually despised by those s/he encounters, unless said person is actually good at whistling.

verb. public whistling
A guy that used to live on my floor was a real public whistler.
by Thel200ster March 21, 2007

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noun. Mortal enemy to the public whistler. A person of dominant mentality who, upon hearing a public whistler performing, also begins to whistle. Usurper whistling is a coup attack upon the public whistler. The usurper whistler can be identified by the fact that s/he is always whistling louder and usually faster than the public whistler.

verb. usurp-whistle
The other day I was whistling on a bus and fell victim to a usurper whistler. I was doing that part from Sitting on the Dock of a Bay and he started whistling Yankee Doodle Dandy at the top of his register. He usurp-whistled me.
by Thel200ster March 21, 2007

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