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A relationship between two people where there is clearly an imbalance between looks, age or some other characteristic (but excluding wealth) that places the relationship in an immediate and stark power imbalance. This differs from sugar daddy / sugar mummy / toy boy relationships where wealth difference is the defining differential, and the relationship is base around a symbiotic exchange.

Related to Zeus (king of the Greek gods) who started an illicit relationship with Ganymede (a low born mere mortal) and elevated him to the position of Demi-God in Greek mythology when he could have had literally any other God, Goddess, Demi-God or human on earth including royalty.
Why is that young good looking successful girl going out with a divorced, broke, unemployed overweight guy with no prospects? He doesn’t even have a particularly nice personality.

I’m not sure - maybe she has low self confidence or perhaps she’s just addicted to Zeus-Ganymede relationships and all that power and security of knowing he’ll never cheat.
by Thefreelancetrader June 17, 2021
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An easy job that pays a lot of money. Often used in the taxi driver world or sometimes in consultancy where fee-earners have monthly sales targets. Generally a UK / London term.
Morning guvnor, have you got any fat sparrows for me?

Yeah sure, there’s three Heathrow Aiport runs, one after the other, nicely spaced out with no gaps. How’s that for ya?
by Thefreelancetrader June 26, 2022
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A bin nazi (generally a UK term) is normally an eco-mentalist who sifts through the contents of recycling or general refuse bins to identify misplaced items that ‘shouldn’t be in there’. Normally anally rententive these individuals delight in chastising the culprits of such activities.
“Did you see the note on top of the recycling bins left by Dave from across the road? It says we shouldn’t have put those bottles in the recycling without washing them out first”

“Oh yeah, Dave, he’s such a bin nazi..”
by Thefreelancetrader March 10, 2019
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