This is another term for "the Boss", (always a fella)he is the top hardman, depending on background he will be eitha a complete cunt and walk aroudn doin what ever he wants, or he could be the generous, forgivin type who dont want 2 fight but he just happens 2 be hard as nails. he is always top-dog.
fuckin hell tyrone, dont u know hes the guvnor? hel knock u sparko
by kiroe September 12, 2006
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The Manchester City hooligan firm that all dressed in Stone Island, CP company, Burberry, Fila, adidas and aquascootum and more. They were also like any firm people who just wanted to start fights but when they did start nothing happened and were notorious for being finished by undercover police officers.
“Look john they’ve got stone island on, they must be the guvnors
by It’s just somet April 17, 2022
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Term used in a number of phrases basically meaning "top dog" or a descriptive term for something which is really good (some people add the word "face" on the end which is only used whilst addressing a friend or someone you know well, can be taken as extremely offensive otherwise)
"Wow! you really are the Monkey Guvnor"
"Good morning me ol'Monkey Guvnor face"
by Pillga January 16, 2005
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When a bloke notably from the Swansea area, ejaculates over a girls tits, giving them a well good spraying.
Did you hear about The Guvnor Spaff, he sprayed her tits with his juice.
by Curry club January 24, 2021
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