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Swedish made aircraft by Saab automotive group. Often mistaken for a Fairchild Metroliner as parts for both aircraft are difficult to find.

Also the #1 aircraft choice by Australia's largest independent airline; Regional Express for their cost effectiveness.
Engineer 1: "You fixed that control issue on the Saab 340 yet?"
Engineer 2: "Well not really, we ran out of cabling so I took some from the metro, but that wasn't enough. Rang up Sweden and they ran out back in 1985"
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by The_Mannn May 11, 2018

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Combination of 'fucking' and 'bastard' - fastard.

Commonly used among indians who argue
"you bloody fastard you"

"i am no fastard you mother fastard you!"
by The_Mannn April 03, 2020

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A person in the office environment, who claims to put in 110% for the good of the office, can talk the talk, but struggles to walk the walk (or simply unable to achieve anything).

Peer response manifests as frustration or mocking of the said individual.

The Office Lightweight is usually a person from middle management.
Person A: "So I asked Kelvin for a day off, as my wife's in hospital. Bloody prick said no worries... my roster came out and had we working 25hrs that day....FFS"

Person B: "Yeah Kelvin is a real Office Lightweight. Next time just call in sick"
by The_Mannn September 15, 2019

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