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This word has no definition, it can mean anything you like.
Thats so chab! (Thats really great!)

What a fucking chab. (That person annoys me)
by TheThirdMan April 18, 2004
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A car tarted up by the lesser intelligent of the species in order to mask its actual shitness to the outside world.

Usually comprises of blue or green neon lights, and a cunt kit.

Loud (shit) music, blue floor lights, that can mean only one thing kids! Wankermobile!!!
by TheThirdMan April 28, 2004
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Any car which has the extraordinary ability to draw the laydies from far and wide...
My 69' Mustang is one biatch of a Shag Chariot...
by TheThirdMan April 20, 2004
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Derivitive of, Love Wagon, which usually refers to a VW Camper.

Also, Passion Wagon, Love Bug and Shag Chariot.
Hey, let's take the Shaggin' Waggin' on the open road and look for some poon-tang.
by TheThirdMan April 20, 2004
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Someone who acts retarded or bent. Comes from the same family as shegg,sweg and shweg
Jay Leno is such a queg.
by TheThirdMan February 15, 2004
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