5 definitions by TheRealPandaSwag

1.) When your or someone else's eyes drop below the line of a girl's booty.

2.) When eyes drop down below the "horizon"

3/30/11 - birth of "second-level drop".
1.) Really? Come on man, I saw that second-level drop.

2.) You got to learn how to hide your second-level drop.

3.) Dude! That was a guy and you did a second-level drop? Come on!
by TheRealPandaSwag March 31, 2011
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1.) Seeing someone looking at a girl's butt.

2.) When your eye's sink below the horizon of a girl's body.

3.) When you look at a girl's butt.
Dude... your second-level drop is so noticeable.

Hot chick! Second-level drop, OH YEAH!

Come on man, that was a guy and you made a second-level drop? Give me a break!

4/12/11 - birth of "second-level drop"
by TheRealPandaSwag April 20, 2011
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getting so mad that you are to the point of physically hurting a goat. So frustrated that you would hurt a living creature.
I'm so mad I could slap a goat. I'm so mad I would slap a goat.
by TheRealPandaSwag November 5, 2010
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1.) The piece of food, or candy you eat in the morning after brushing your teeth. The purpose, for eating this "sacrifice" is, for it to take the "toothpaste" taste out of your mouth so that you can then eat something else worth your while, and not have a bad taste to it.

Birth of "Early morning sacrifice" - 1/27/12
Should I eat a granola bar, or have a starburst, for my early morning sacrifice?

That's nasty! Why do I keep forgetting to have an early morning sacrifice, before my cereal.
by TheRealPandaSwag January 28, 2012
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1. An expression of excitement and happiness.

2. An overwhelming feeling

3. When something out of the ordinary happens

11/4/10- birth of BOOTY SWAGG
I got an A on my math test!" ..."BOOTY SWAGG!!!
by TheRealPandaSwag November 5, 2010
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