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Inserting a lightbulb into the vagina of a woman while she is covered by bedcovers. After she is under, tazers are attached to the nipples of the woman and turning on an electric current thus turning on the lightbulb. The result is a bed that looks like a lampshade.
Daniel: I turned THIS chick into a sweedish lampshade last night!
Jared: I wish i had a girl....
by ThePinkTaco and Cruncheezy June 22, 2006
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The act of taking a crap into a womans mouth and further jizzing on it creating a frosted chocolate cake.
Gill: Christina ate my whole chocolate cake last night!
Jared: My mom gave me a chocolate cake...
by ThePinkTaco and Cruncheezy June 22, 2006
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The act of squishing multiple fireflys and smearing the bug juice over your dick. After your wang is lit up then proceeding to madly screw the woman to light up her "tunnel" thus making your dick a german flashlight.
Gill: I put my german flashlight in THIS girls tunnel yesterday. She was lit up like saturday night at the roxbury!
Duncan: I lit up THAT other girl too.
J Ham: I wish my johnson was large enough to please a woman...
by ThePinkTaco and Cruncheezy June 23, 2006
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