19 definitions by TheEndDragon

Having a lack of a father figure in your life; being a fatherless child
Child: “Yeah, I’m a Fortnite pro

Normal human: “You mean you have No father figure”
by TheEndDragon April 17, 2022
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“What happens if you search my name up on urban dictionary?”
“It’ll probably say your name is a nice dude, basically any male name on that site says that”
by TheEndDragon May 8, 2022
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An online influencer who only makes clickbait videos.
This dude is such a Clickbait Kyle, he’s never made a normal video!”
by TheEndDragon February 15, 2022
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Things that Gen Z find funny; what Gen Z laughs at.
Gen Z: “Bro, look at this video of cabbage! Gen Z: *WHEEZE*

Any other generation: “This is Gen Z humor.”
by TheEndDragon February 18, 2022
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The most hilarious memes that make absolutely no sense whatsoever, which is the exact reason that they are funny
Boomers: “I don’t understand your Gen Z humor

Gen Z: Corn flakes
by TheEndDragon April 12, 2023
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When somebody acts like a main character but obviously is not
“I’m not like OTHER girls-“
Wee woo wee woo, main character energy detected, main character energy detected, wee woo wee woo
by TheEndDragon April 27, 2023
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The new name for the oculus quest cuz Mark Zuckerberg decided it to be I guess
“Wanna hop on the Oculus Quest?”
“uMmMm I tHiNk YoU mEaN tHe MeTa QuEsT
Go touch some grass
by TheEndDragon April 12, 2022
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