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A vacuous stare, sometimes specifically directed towards any online multiplayer game; especially Call Of Duty. This stare could be directed towards other objects of interest as well. ex: a sandwich, a woman/man, or anything demanding extreme attention.
I was playin' Modern Warfare last night, you shoulda seen my Duty Eyes.

Doctor, its worse than I thought, just look at them Duty Eyes.

My dog has them Duty Eyes, she won't stop staring at my sandwich.
by TheDudeofRude January 18, 2010
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A floppy penis.
"Too man dicks, too many dongs, too many shlongs, now sing this song"
by TheDudeofRude April 16, 2009
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to lower the strength, experience, or any attribute of a certain character in any MMORPG via patching.

The word originated from Star Wars Galaxies (Sony online entertainment, Lucas Arts). By Ryan Nero and Rob Preusse. As a joke they invented several words in game and were curios to see if they stuck.
"They totally nerfed the XP in groups...", "My mage got soooo nerfed on the last patch!"
by TheDudeofRude January 09, 2009
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